Adam graduated from San Diego State University in 2008 with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication and Sociology. After graduating, he founded GROW Awareness Agency, a social advocacy agency that supports philanthropy through documentary filmmaking and grass-roots activism. While operating his agency, he became a mentor to teens in Orange County which impacted him so much, he decided to dedicate his life to helping young people in need. 

Adam has 10 years experience mentoring young people dealing with: depression, anxiety, addiction, academic difficulties, abuse, foster-care, gang violence, and incarceration. Along with his one-on-one mentoring work, he has collaborated with numerous professionals and organizations in the field, and has also successfully implemented art, music, and educational curricula throughout Southern California. Adam is currently continuing his personal and professional growth by pursuing his Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology.

Adam embraces a holistic approach in living and mentoring. He believes that in order for anyone to live a healthy, happy life, they must understand and grow their mind, body, and spirit. By doing this, we can gain true insight and create lasting change in all aspects of our lives. Adam has witnessed the incredible benefits of mentorship and is passionate about supporting young people find their path. 

Adam's Accomplishments

  • Created award-winning documentary films covering topics including: education, homelessness, disability, incarceration, animal rights, war, and mental health 
  • Created video campaign for's non-profit, foundation, supporting their educational initiatives in East Los Angeles
  • Currently collaborating with LA County supporting their mentorship and art programs for high school students
  • Editor of the feature documentary, "Project 22," which raises awareness for the 22 American Veterans who commit suicide everyday
  • Supported Mental Health of America with 2017 awareness and fundraising video campaign
  • Engaged in one-on-one and group mentoring for teens and young adults across Southern California since 2008
  • Collaborated with more than 30 business and non-profits to support their philanthropic missions
  • Created Music Mentoring program in partnership with CASA supporting foster-youth in Orange County
  • Recently worked as an educational facilitator and mentor in Watts, Los Angeles
  • Created and taught a "Documentary Analysis" class for track students in East Los Angeles
  • 2017-2018 worked as a teacher/mentor at Paradigm Malibu, a leading teen mental-health residential treatment center


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