1:1 Mentoring

Adam creates a unique mentoring program specifically designed for each Mentee in alignment with their needs and interests. The program includes working toward all desired goals in collaboration with the family and other parties involved. 

Mentoring hours vary based on the needs of each Mentee

Academic/Art Mentoring

Adam's unique programs have been implemented in school and non-profit organizations with incredible results.

Future Filmmakers: Teaching students the power of story-telling. We explore the fundamentals of documentary filmmaking where students will work together to create a documentary film about an issue affecting their community.

Reading Warriors: Engaging students in reading intriguing and relatable books. Classes include group discussions, writing assignments, and video lessons.

Art/Music Mentoring: We team up with professional artists and musicians who mentor youth in reward for behavioral changes and academic improvement.

Contact Adam for more information regarding his programs

Adam's Mentor Network

Adam has built incredible relationships with numerous professionals, community leaders and non-profits throughout his career. Mentees who work with Adam are provided the opportunity to receive additional support by other Mentors in his Network which include:  

Therapists - Social Workers - Teachers - Artists - Musicians - Filmmakers - Athletes

Adam is one of very few influential people in my life. If it wasn’t for him simply pursuing his passion to help teens, I would still be behaving in ways that would tarnish my character. Now, I wake up to not only to an apartment of my very own, but an awesome job at Apple.
— Hunter

Adam and I connected over the mutual love for the saxophone and from there he became a confidant for me. He gave me guidance on things that I wasn’t sure about and helped me see the confident person I could become.
— Liana
I can truly say that every moment in Adam’s documentary class has been truly inspiring. I was exposed to a new form of expression and learned how documentaries can open the door to new perspectives of thinking.
— Jeffrey